The National Orientation Agency (NOA) was established by Decree 100 of 23rd August, 1993. To establish the Agency, the Decree merged three significant organs of Government, namely: The Public Enlightenment (PE), War Against Indiscipline (WAI), and National Orientation Movement (NOM) Divisions of the then Federal Ministry of Information and Culture with the Directorate for Social Mobilization, Self Reliance and Economic Recovery (MAMSER). The rationale for the merger was to harmonize and consolidate efforts and resources of the Government in the fields of public enlightenment, social mobilization and value re-orientation.

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30 Responses

  1. Vincent says:

    They should be scrapped, or better still, Jamb should only be the access to the University and no other exam like post utme.

  2. Godwin oweioma says:

    I was happy hearing about the proposed scraping of UTME .nigerian students have sufferd alot,every year close to 2million students register for jamb.4000 yearly,most atimes this students pass this exams only to be droped by PUME.its awful to write an exam which will not get you into the higher institution.its nt fair,its a waste on poor nigerians who stil depend on the sector.who cudnt get their wards outside the country i strongly think it will go a long way of helping the students .make them concentrate on 1 exam only.gud 1

  3. I support the motion that goverment should eliminat both Jamb & Neco. But not with stand federal goverment should monitor and provides rules and regulation that we guide both UTME & WAEC for not be practice exam manupractice. Good Luck Thanks.

  4. John James says:

    I wrote jamb and got a good score for a polytechnic and I wroet my post UTME and score a very good mark a frnd of mine score a hundred mark less than me..now he schooling and am still at home hoping for admission one day…then why are my writing the exam.when I know that if i pass it doesnt gaurantee my admission..education system is bad..I can imaging how much i spent on writing all those exams..and am from a very home

  5. stanley says:

    i think it should be scrap

  6. stanley says:

    i think it(jamb) should be scrap,while neco should be left to serve as alternative to waec for student,thank you.

  7. Emmanuel Micah says:

    If the govt. Can adopt that method it will reduce the cost of governance. Also, is going to reduce the risk involve during umte because some student have to travel far during that period. Micah

  8. Abu omogbai says:

    Sir, am still a student, i did not support this, because Neco serves as an exam even in place of waec. Please neco should not be cancel. Like wise jamb to should not be cancel i beg of u

  9. sanusi akeem says:

    this jamb and neco of a thing should be scrapped out, because most students are not able to make it into the universities simply because they did not make their jamb, after striving hard to pass waec. besides this jamb of a thing is written only once. it is when somebody stays at home for long that will make he/she start thinking of a criminal act. We are suffering low amount of graduates every year, and we talk of technologies, why wont we lack behind in technologies when potential students are sitting at and they cant forward their education because of an exam called jamb. please lets consider these.

  10. Sunday Azi says:

    the decision to scrap UTME is a welcome idea because it doesn’t make any sense that you obtained the required point after sitting for an exam but you still have to go and pay another money to sit for another exam at your desired university.let every tertiary institution conduct its entrance exams.
    As for NECO, it should not be scrap because it create room for student that could not make WAEC to go into tertiary institution the same year with others that made it in WAEC if they are able to pass NECO very well.it also create room for competition as both exam bodies will not relent in there functions because they will do everything possible to be ahead of the other , it take away the power of monopoly

  11. Odungide Joseph says:

    Am of opinion that the agencies should not be scrapped, rather they should be empowered so that there will be a spirit of competition in the Nigeria.
    For example in the communication sector, all Nigerians are witnessing a lot of improvement because there are more than one body running the sector as at compared to when it was only Nitel that was running the business in the country.
    Again if the government decide to check back in retrospect it will be seen recorded that the first year which NECO was introduced into this country in year 2000, the standard of S.S.S.C.E result in the country recorded a great mark of improvement in the lives of Nigerians than when it was only W.A.S.C.E only, because there was a great zeal and seriousness being put in by the staff of this establishment to make sure the meet up the standard, and there was spirit of competition, of which NECO being a new body put in their best so as to get more customer,while wasce in the other hand too as the old body put in their best to make sure they dont loose customer to the other party next year.
    On the Issue of jamb and university institution conducting entrance exam, i will suggest that instead of government scrapping Jamb, the should set another body that perform the same function as jamb and empowered them. because i have notice that ever since the introduction of the screening test in university, it very had for student from other state to get admission in a university that is not in their own state. and some student frustrated when the choose a university that is not in their state, as compared to when student was given admission through jamb.
    so my humbled suggestion is that this agencies should not be scrapped, but rather let other bodies be set up that perform the same function so that there will be a spirit of competition..
    permit me to also state here that Nigerians are suffering today with the issue of power in the power sector, because there is no other body that is performing the function of PHCN. despite all the money, time and resources that the government are putting in this sector because every staff of power holding is aware that there is no other body that is performing the same function, so even when the power line break down or a fuses flash in the transformer no body will even border to go and rectify the problem immediately not until at their own wish because they are aware of the fact that there is no other body that perform it’s function in the country there by holding all the citizen to random.
    In conclusion, scrapping this bodies will not help in the transforming agenda of the country, but rather it will worst sen the situation because if one this body are scrapped the other sector that is empowered will be given the mandate to do what ever they like at anytime in view, after all there is no other body that is performing the same function, so we can do what ever we like.
    A true example of what am saying now is a great improvement we Nigerians has recorded in the communication industry as at compared to when it was being run only by Nitel in this country.
    Best Regard
    Odungide Joseph

  12. I would strongly advice that neco shouldn’t be scrap. If I may, what was the motive behind creatin such body from the initial? Or does it means that it hasn’t achieved it aim? I think the best thing federal government should do is to empower it the more if they felt there are some lapses. Nd finally what would be the hope of those employed by this body nd those havin or making use of such result?

  13. Gaius says:

    Scraping NECO & JAMB will not do any good to the country’s education system. As a matter of fact, we need more examining bodies to cope with the rising population.

  14. EKEZIE ARINZE says:

    Dis examination commissions should nt be scrapped, rather Nigeria should Improve on the standard of Education.. Its better to Revive rather than distroying…

  15. Abdazeez Soliu .B. says:

    Scrapping of NECO may call for more examination malpractices and may also discourage many Nigerians that wish to go into education. Waec doesn’t make education to be easy because people believe in expo onces its comes to waec but in NECO it isn’t like that your personal effort is enough. So let leave neco to operate in Nigeria its like a saviour for Nigeria students from the hand of other examination bodies.

  16. Sanusi fatimoh says:

    No it should not be scrapped as neco is the only national education body we have

  17. shafiu shehu says:

    Yes NECO should be scrab but JAMB should not.

  18. asu samuel says:

    I think jamb should be scraped because the entrance pathway is too long to enter the tertiary level. Many pple have failed to go to school cause of Jamb, some might successfully pass their waec but jamb holds em back if there fail to pass. So i think the federal govt should scrap jamb.

  19. Happiness Kenneth says:

    The federa government plan to cancel the two exam is a very welcome idea. The poor should also go to school. Haba the cost is too much now.

  20. Oluchi Ogu says:

    NECO should’nt be scraped. WAEC is a regional body while NECO is a national body. The are 2 different bodies and NECO should stay to represent the Nations examinations body.

  21. Iwu Christian Nnamdi says:

    Scrapping NECO and JAMB in our country maybe with the intension of reducing curruption in the educational sector to me will not give rise to any positive change in our country rather some institutions will see admission as a game whereby if you dont have money you cant secure it. To me, it will bring more curruption in educational aspect so I encourage it not to be abided for the better of country tomorrow.

  22. Kpongkong, Jeremiah John says:

    I thank you for this post and my comment is:
    Government should not put up elimination of UTME and NECO, rather, it should be Post-UTME and NECO. P-UTME has diverted the future of many students with thier so called “aptitude test”. Let those who have passed UTME go to the institution of their choice and face the aluta. I am not saying this because i am affected, i say this because P-UTME is fruadstrating Nigerian students in the name of screening. I am a 400 level student of Chemistry Science, University of Uyo, what and who are they screening when i have seen many students who do not deserve to be in the institution but they take greater number in the institution and those with good minds and brains are there at home because of P-UTME.
    I think federal govt. should allow JAMB to continue but ensure checking of all forms of malpractice including impersonation, P-UTME (aptitute test) and perhaps, NECO should be off the system. Let students who pass JAMB examination go to the institution of their choice and study, if they can’t make it, they will be dropped as the case use to be.
    If P-UTME is so perfect and preferable, individual universities will not be droping the same students they tested to be ok for them.
    Thank you!

  23. chrisdan german says:

    My is that, let jamb be scrap but neco shuld stay because it is the only examination bady. Jamb is a waste 2 poor, why do we write jamb every year after you wrote for the first time and you passed ‘because we have limited higher institutions to attains to the large number of candidates. Three things are involve here. 1. Let government establish higher institutions. 2. If passed jamb for the first time, there shouldn’t be need to write again if nt adminted. 3. Post ume should be remove and jamb should be set as comman entrance into all higher institutions

  24. Mmeregbu Christian says:

    I hate this post. So, that means that my NECO result will not be valid again, right? Please, is not fair to scrap this exam bodies. They are of great importance to the educational system of this country. Just that tertiary institution have refuse to accept NECO result this days. Please, the government this people supporting for a scrap are no longer in secondary schools. Go to secondary schools, the students are crying bitterly for this. I am not in support of this…….! _Penda

  25. Nasir says:

    Gaskiya d motion dat dis 2 bodies should be scrapped is strongly encouraged, coz by merely pondering what is happening in dis 2 body is not helping nigerians any more, rather they take the bodies as an investment, where always alot of money is expected as a profit, take a look at 2010 neco GCE result. By merely looking at d result u wil judge them by saying wanga result karyane (the result na wuru wuru. that’s its not genuine) coz there x no way that more than 2o thousand student of different fields would sit 4 an exam and all of them score capital F 4 all 8 or 9 courses, this means that they just collect money 4rm d student and arrange a very long discourage time table bt stil student manage and sit 4 d exam and finally their script would nt be marked, they allocate mark to those they wish and fail those they wish, if nt true what brought about special centres in each and every state there are som centres they call special, in dis centres if u register they would just charge u some amount of money 4rm then if u wish u can go till result is released nd check, while if u wish u can decide to write, bt as long as u paid ur money u must pass d exam with d grade u choose. In a nutshell neco is not an examination body rather is an institution ful of uselessness,and squanderers, squanderers in d sense that they ar waisting students resource (money and time) . I dnt want waist my time talking about jamb, bt let me say jamb and neco are 2 bodies that can be called twin devil 4 nigerian student, coz u already even if u dis tin they cal jamb no admission 4 u til u pas what they ar calin post jamb, so whats d implicatinn of dis jamb, let every university 2 b at liberty of its entrance exam if u pass it once u believe u have admission, and dis jamb dey ar saying is an exam dat b4 its date the question bcom available with d student, how and where they get it? Rubbing or guessing? The fact is that they get it 4rm their parents and relative that ar responsible 4 questions setting, they ar deceiving the children, the board, the education system and the nation at large. So mr. President, honourable minister of education, and vice chancellors and my distinguished professors in d nationwide please nigerian students plead with d loud voice dat the so callad jamb and neco should be quickly SCRAPPED.

  26. Glory Chibueze says:

    They should stop it for the sake of poor home and to reduce the high level of crime in the country.

  27. Asika nwabueze gideon says:

    Nigerian Govt should make use of their sapiencic santimonius sanctity to haltorder this arguement of scrapping neco and jamb.i tink the two exam shuld be allowd reason neco is the only national o’level exam and also a substitute to waec lets respect our things.if they want 2 scrap they shld tink of post ume wch after taking school wil stil depend on bribe to give admissn not even minding ur score.let admission be on merit by jamb score let them post u to any school ur score is upto and not to mind ur school of choice post utme should be scrap and not jamb and neco.thanks,
    Asika Gideonmarthson,

  28. Asika nwabueze gideon says:

    Hmmm let post ume be scrappd and not jamb and neco

  29. Onyeze says:

    Please what is wrong with today’s policy makers. The government through it”s ministry is just trying to frustrate the poor from formal education. Most of the government officials who breed this kind of negative policies did not go through JAMB and NECO. They only wrote University entrance exams that qualified them for admission. For goodness sake, DON”T scrap these exams. Work to improve the standard of learning and teachers handling them. Good governance is not by abolishing already established system but by streamlining them.

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