Jonathan To Ban Rice Importation To Nigeria In 2015 – Labaran Maku


The National Orientation Agency (NOA) was established by Decree 100 of 23rd August, 1993. To establish the Agency, the Decree merged three significant organs of Government, namely: The Public Enlightenment (PE), War Against Indiscipline (WAI), and National Orientation Movement (NOM) Divisions of the then Federal Ministry of Information and Culture with the Directorate for Social Mobilization, Self Reliance and Economic Recovery (MAMSER). The rationale for the merger was to harmonize and consolidate efforts and resources of the Government in the fields of public enlightenment, social mobilization and value re-orientation.

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  1. Austine says:

    It will be babaric and propostrous and the other hand forcing the innocent citizens of Nigeria into adject poverty… With importation of rice whereby one has choice between foreign and local rice yet the common man can not buy a bag of rice due to the high price of about (12,000) twelve thousand naira whether foreign or local. Mr president should let the foreign rice be and the local farmers should improve the standard their rice and reduce the price… People will always petronise what is good and afordable… There is need for competitive marked because that is only how a producer or marketer see its mistakes or area of improvements then improves to win the taste and likes of the consumers… Thank you.

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