The National Orientation Agency (NOA) was established by Decree 100 of 23rd August, 1993. To establish the Agency, the Decree merged three significant organs of Government, namely: The Public Enlightenment (PE), War Against Indiscipline (WAI), and National Orientation Movement (NOM) Divisions of the then Federal Ministry of Information and Culture with the Directorate for Social Mobilization, Self Reliance and Economic Recovery (MAMSER). The rationale for the merger was to harmonize and consolidate efforts and resources of the Government in the fields of public enlightenment, social mobilization and value re-orientation.

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2 Responses

  1. The future of Nigeria is in the hands of a new crop of dedicated Nationalistic leaders who should by now have appreciated the continue to emphasis on the ills in the Nigerian social system and are prepared to sacrifice allegiance to salvage Nigeria’s pride and honour that was bequeathed by the founding fathers. The dreams of Nigeria founding father must not die because of emasculated patriotism, greed, corruption, political bitterness, self-centeredness, pettiness, frivolities, religious differences, bad governance and tribal chauvinism.

    Hence as a social reformist, I am devoted to this aspect of our social reform with a burning loyalty and good sense of patriotism to my motherland.

    Encouraging nationalism and patriotism in Nigeria:
    It is very well known that, most of the developed countries of the world today attained greatness, partly on account of the patriotism of their citizens. Unfortunately the level of patriotism of Nigeria citizens is pretty low. Without mincing words, this has negatively impacted the progress of the country. Hence this book is anticipated to examine ways of encouraging patriotism in Nigeria.

    What is patriotism:
    If patriotism is love for one’s country with a readiness to sacrifice for it, Nigerians, especially the elite class are by no means cannot be said nationalistic like our founding fathers that were concerned about the welfare of the people and progress of the nation to struggled relentlessly and wrestle independence from British colonialism. All we do is just grumble instead of joining forces to reverse the oppression of the gauche and fraudulent leaderships that have held our collective destiny hostage.

    As said by the legendary reggae star (Peter Tosh of blessed memory): “Everyone is howling for peace but none us is calling for justice”. Explicitly, every Nigerian wants to go to heaven but none of us wants to die – which has distressed the nation since independence.

    Who is ready to make the sacrifices for the ultimate peace of our country?
    Will Nigerians say they have a good sense of patriotism toward Nigeria?

    Nothing meaningful can be achieved under the present circumstance without the right frame mind towards nationalism and patriotism as currently in the empty noise of the citizens that cannot galvanize Nigeria into the transformation of the nation to greatness and make it a better place for upcoming generations.

    Because I want to see these reformation to leave my mark on the sand of time, I spearhead this clarion call to national sacrifice for the ultimate peace of our like the rest of the patriotic founding fathers before this wobbly foundation collapses.

    I want us as a people (both leaders and led) to re-examine our approach to nationalism and patriotism and strive to do things better for this country as they are done somewhere else like in the United States where the people believe America is bigger than any of her citizens as Americans are ready to die for their national patriotism.

    Why can’t we do the same?
    I want the collaboration of the NOA in my efforts in this regard, please contact immediately. In unity, we can make Nigeria a better place to live.

  2. Mr. Mike Omeri, pls contact me urgently for a collaboration of efforts on how to encourage nationalism and patriotism of nigerians to mark the centenary anniversary of Nigeria’s nationhood in 2014.
    Thank you sir.

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