The National Orientation Agency (NOA) was established by Decree 100 of 23rd August, 1993. To establish the Agency, the Decree merged three significant organs of Government, namely: The Public Enlightenment (PE), War Against Indiscipline (WAI), and National Orientation Movement (NOM) Divisions of the then Federal Ministry of Information and Culture with the Directorate for Social Mobilization, Self Reliance and Economic Recovery (MAMSER). The rationale for the merger was to harmonize and consolidate efforts and resources of the Government in the fields of public enlightenment, social mobilization and value re-orientation.

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  1. south east says:

    that was a very nice speach, we the youth of this country have head enogh of all this talks on tv, radio, on the internet and so on. We are tired of all dis talks. You metion war i want to let u no that the youth of this country have not experience 1, but i asure you we are ready to fight war this time aruond we are not just going kill ourselvs alone but the bad leaders of this country and their family members will have no place to hide even if they take refuge in foreighn countries as they use to. The fact is that if our leaders dont revers from their evil ways there is going to be one hell of a bloody war in this country. Bravo 9ja.

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